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PACTA Practical Implementation

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Date: 16 September 2022

This webinar will dive into the practicalities of the PACTA (Paris Agreement Capital Transition Assessment) methodology. It will cover an explanation of the Capital Transition Monitor platform, which embeds a free software that calculates the extent to which corporate capital expenditures and industrial assets behind a financed through equity, bond, or investment fund are aligned with various climate scenarios. The explanation of the tool will show how it can be applied by asset owners, asset managers, retail investors, researchers, or anyone with a list of ISINs.

The first-of-its-kind software taps into a vast climate-related financial database, which covers more than 30,000 securities, 40,000 companies, and 230,000 energy-related physical assets. Since it was launched, more than 4,500 individuals from more than 3,000 institutions have used it to conduct over 18,000 tests, with an average of 600+ tests per month. Overall, the total assets under management of financial institutions using the tools amounts to more than USD 106 trillion.

This webinar is led by Daisy Pacheco, Associate at the PACTA team in RMI, and is the second out of a series of four webinars, in which the PACTA methodology is explained, as well as its different use cases, and some case studies.

Slides Presented during the webinar are available here