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Measuring Investment Portfolio Alignment to Climate Scenarios

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Date: 27 April 2022 

The signing of the Paris Agreement has led to a growing number of climate-related risk analyses, methodologies and tools. One of these is the PACTA (Paris Agreement Capital Transition Assessment) portfolio alignment methodology which measures the short-term (mis)alignment of investment portfolios with <2°C scenarios, and the related potential exposure of financial institutions in case of a disruptive transition.

This webinar, led by George Harris, Daisy Johana Pacheco Bernal and Nayra Herrera Patiño will deep dive into the main accounting principles of the methodology, the data used for the analysis, and the types of results that can be obtained through its implementation. This will be the first out of a series of four webinars, in which we will discuss the practicalities of the methodology and its different use cases.

The Sustainable Investment Platform, a joint collaboration between Capital Markets Malaysia and the Institutional Investors Council Malaysia, is pleased to support 2° Investing Initiative , WWF-Malaysia and the UK PACT in the delivery of this series.

Slides presented during the webinar is available: